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Grow a Stronger, Healthier Lawn

Choose our team for lawn aeration in the Concord, Highland Creek, Salisbury and Rockwell, NC area

Your lawn is alive. It needs to breathe. Compacted dirt can prevent your grass from getting the oxygen it needs. If you want to have a beautiful and healthy lawn, call a specialist for lawn aeration.

Aeration Station Lawncare, Inc. offers professional lawn aeration services for residential and commercial customers in the Concord, Highland Creek, Salisbury and Rockwell, NC area. Aeration involves perforating the soil so air, water and other nutrients can reach the grass roots. Roots will grow deeper and stronger, leading to a more lush and lustrous landscape. For all of your aeration needs, turn to Aeration Station Lawncare!

Stop starving your lawn of nutrients

Aeration Station Lawncare has a dedicated staff for aeration services. Aeration is such an important task, so it's only right for us to have a crew of designated specialists for your needs. Our owner studied lawn aeration for over 15 years! We'll make sure to:
  • Evaluate the current state of your lawn
  • Determine how often your lawn should be aerated
  • Offer aeration as a part of your routine lawn maintenance

Make sure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. Call Aeration Station Lawncare today to discuss your options for lawncare service.