Insect Control | Concord, Highland Creek, Matthews and Mint Hill, NC

Banish Bothersome Insects From Your Yard

Protect the health of your landscape in Concord, Highland Creek, Matthews and Mint Hill, North Carolina

Are insects invading your landscape? Do you want to sit out on your lawn without worrying about what’s crawling up your pants leg? Aeration Station Lawncare, Inc. offers insect control services in Concord, Highland Creek, Matthews, and Mint Hill, NC. We also serve residential and commercial customers in Mecklenburg County. Our insect control pros can evaluate the current condition of your lawn and work to get rid of the pesky bugs in your grass and soil.

Stop bugs from living in your lawn. Reach out to Aeration Station Lawncare and end your fight with ants, worms, mosquitoes, fleas and other bothersome insect pests.

More bugs in your yard could mean more bugs in your home

Your lawn is just phase one for insect invaders. Bugs, bees and pests of all kinds will use your lawn to make their way into your home. Don’t let that happen. Call Aeration Station Lawncare for insect control in Concord, Highland Creek, Matthews and Mint Hill, NC, and we’ll:
  • Treat your lawn, patio, walkways and the borders of your home
  • Use safe and effective products to treat your landscape
  • Set up a schedule for routine treatment to keep the bugs away

Our specialists can treat anything that grows on plants, invades grass or digs in the ground. Contact Aeration Station Lawncare today and arrange a time for service.